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Gamera Series

Bandai Gamera kaiju – $40 each, or $220 for the set!

Excellent prices on classic Bandais in excellent shape! $40 each or $220 for the full set! GUIRON IS SOLD!!!


Paypal: Yes!

Classic 8″ Bandais! Gamera, Gigan, & Megalon!

All classic Bandai 8″ scale figures are in excellent shape! Minor wear w/age!

Gamera is only $20 Others are SOLD!!!


Seller: Jon @ UnCanny


Paypal: Of Course!

Authentic Gamera Pachislo Slot Machine with Interactive Video Screen!

*** Video of this machine in operation and many additional pictures are available upon request***


Gamera Blue Skill Stop 3_ 75%A Pachislo slot machine (AKA a Skill Stop machine) is an authentic Japanese gaming machine, which is used in international casinos. These machines are very durable and meant for heavy casino use; with proper care and use, they should last a lifetime. In Japan, each machine can be used for only 2 years at most. Some casinos don’t even use the machines for the full two year period.

Pachislo machines do not have pull down arms on the side. The reels are stopped by using the 3 buttons on the front of the machine. You control when each reel stops, requiring skill to advance in the game. Pachislo machines are a great way to entertain your friends and family.

The interactive and fully animated LCD video screen works in conjunction with the game. As you play and accumulate points, you watch the story of Gamera unfold as he battles his most infamous enemies.

Asking Price: $ 225.00 / Cash or PayPal payments only / List Price: $ 500.00
Buyer must pick up the machine in Barrington, Illinois. No shipping available.

- Factory refurbished machine.
– Plugs right into your wall and there is no installation required (110 volt ready).
– Play 1, 2, or 3 coins at once (some of the newer machines are 3 coin max bet only).
– Full light, sound, and a fully animated LCD screen, which provides hours of entertainment.
– Reset switch / Key to change the odds and Skill Level.

Also included:
– 200 tokens.
– Machine key, for complete access to your machine.
– Operating and Service manual.

Seller: MA@KFM


Paypal: Yes!

Bandai 6″ Irys w/Tag!

HPIM1219 (2)$30
seller name sartana

Gamera Gashapon Figures

Guiron $5
Jiger $4
Gyaos $4
Space Gyaos $4
Gamera $4
seller Sartana
payment Paypal
Contact at

Bandai Godzilla Figures!

Bandai G figs
Mechagodzilla $65+5 ship
Spacegodzilla $39+9 ship
Megalon $60+6 ship
King Ghidorah $40+9 ship
Mechagodzilla II $39+6 ship
Zigra $29+6 ship
Gigan $29+6 ship

Seller: MonsterXero


Paypal: Yes! Money Order or Check.

Bandai 6″ Irys w/Tag!

HPIM0834Tag is in excellent shape (reference photo) – only $25!


Seller: Sartana


Paypal: Yes!



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