X-Plus Iris Figure from Gamera III

Hi everyone!  This is a test post, to see how posting works on here, but I have over 100 items that I’m interested in selling throughout the next few weeks.  Maybe longer depending on how much I’m thinking about selling.  Most of them are Bandai vinyls, but I also have other random odds and ends that you may find interesting.

This listing is for an X-Plus Iris figure produced back in 2002.  He’s around 9″ tall, and he’s in great condition for his age.  For now, this is the most accurate depiction of Iris/Irys that us collectors have been able to get our hands on.

SOLD Asking – $70  (That’s including shipping within the United States.)
Username – SilentTiki
Email – thetikishut@hotmail.com
Paypal – Accepted


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