Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters Anime Mega Size Godzilla Action Figure – $299 w/ Free Shipping!

7c6e4d93c6204beea2b11f977094dd49lgFrom the 2017 Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters animated movie comes this Mega Size Action Figure! This Godzilla 2017 Movie Mega Size Godzilla Action Figure is an authentic recreation of the iconic Godzilla Earth that appeared in the Godzilla three part movie series. This detailed vinyl Godzilla replica features accurate sculpting and paint treatments for enhanced realism. The figure measures over 19-inches tall!


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The exclusive retro art is based on several iconic posters from the 1964 film, which many fans consider to be the pinnacle of the franchise. Show your kaiju pride in any of dozens of colors – take your pic! Those featured in the gallery below are only a sampling of the colors and products available. You can order stickers, totes, mugs, and more!

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Other Exclusive Tees available:

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Last year’s GODZILLA vs HEDORAH design was a big hit, but 2015’s KING KONG vs GODZILLA art reigns supreme still. Will this other classic colossal clash of a tee finally be dethroned by the Queen of Kaiju herself? That’s up to you! Click the banners at the beginning and end of this article to grab yours now, or right here!