Godzilla B-Club Bullmark Giant Godzilla 13 inch – $120!

$_57[4] (3)The figure is made from the original Bullmark Giant Godzilla mold. It stands almost thirteen inches tall and is made from green vinyl. The figure is made by B-Club a division of Bandai. The original Bullmark stamp is on one foot and a Bandai stamp on the other with the date 2001.
Price: $120 PayPal or Money Order
Shipping: Contact for information, usually free depending on location.
Discount on multiple purchases, reasonable offers welcome. Feel free to email any questions.
Seller: KaijuKyle

PRICE DROP – CCP 30cm (12″ inches) hard vinyl MAGULAR! $200 Shipped!

image1Username: Daisho1
Price: $200 shipped
I’m selling another Rare CCP 30cm (12″ inches) hard vinyl figure. MAGULAR from the 1966 original Ultraman series. This was bought from Japan and is extremely hard to find! There were two versions of this figure I believe. One was a variant paint (a metallic black/gold) and the other his original look. I have the original look for sale here. Like my other collectibles, this was displayed behind glass! In prestige condition! An interesting fact about this Kaiju… During the Ultraman image4TV series Toho repurposed a lot of older Kaiju suits for the show. This was done to save production cost. If you notice, Magular was repurposed from Baragon! The Baragon suit was used numerous times during the show! Email for paypal arrangements!

CCP Mothra Larva & Glow-in-the -dark Cocoon! – SOLD!!!

IMG_0511Username: Daisho1
Price: SOLD!!!
Purchased from Japan and I haven’t not seen the likes of this anywhere. This is a CCP Mothra Larva & Glow-in-the -dark Cocoon on Rock Base. This is a SUPERB piece to add to any G-Collection. The Cocoon is painted or molded out of a pearlescent white that shimmers like silk. The proper title for this is AMC (Artistic Monster Collection) from CCP and this was known as “B-Club” on it’s header card. This item was a bagged item (like most CCP) however, I do not have the original bag but did keep the header card! This is in representation of the 1960’s Mothra FullSizeRender-11Larvae and look. The Larva itself is about 7 1/2” inches tall, it could be in scale with a 25 cm or even 30cm if doing a Godzilla vs. Mothra (with larvae twins attacking Godzilla). As a stand alone piece, probably better suited w/ 7” inch to even 10” inch scale figures. Please e-mail me for PayPal arrangements!

PRICE DROP! Original 30cm (12” inch) Billiken Shokai Baragon vinyl model kit!

unnamedUsername: Daisho1
Price: $200 + $15 shipping & handling 
PRICE DROP: A original 30cm (12” inch) Billiken Shokai Baragon vinyl model kit, professionally built & painted by J.LeeR. The kit was designed after 1965 (Showa era) Toho “Frankenstein Conquers the World” flick, was painted to be in a Marmit / X-Plus style. This kit is truly professional built and painted and took a few weeks for completion. To breakdown the process the kit was properly cleaned (discarding mold residue), trimmed, legs and body were carefully stuffed (for vinyl integrity / durability, & pervention of sagging), fitted w/ high grade superglue, epoxy sculpt (to hide seams w/ matching textures), primed for even paint, and then finished with quality enamels & acrylics! The only piece that was not hidden was the mouth unnamed (1)attachment designed to be permanently open. This was done to keep within the style of X-Plus and Marmit figures. The lighting was done harshly to give you an overall gist of the paint layers. Rest assured this looks flawless and beautifully layered. Examples of low lighting shown w/ X-Plus Mothra Larva.
Beautifully done from top to bottom, looks perfect along side pre-painted kits / figures. The black dots on feet are nonslip dots, easily removable without damaging paint. The day he was finished Baragon was placed behind an LED lit glass detolf. Please e-mail me for PayPal arrangements!
unnamed (3)