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Godzilla 1989 (vs Biollante) Marmit Medicom Exclusive – Only $61.99!

dc001871lgThe King of the Monsters appears as he did in his 1989 throwdown Godzilla vs. Biollante! Standing 9-inches tall, this Previews Exclusive Godzilla EX Biollante Version Sofubi Vinyl Figure looses none of his punches. This is a must have for any Godzilla collector!

Pre-Order with us now and pay nothing until it ships! Only $61.99!


X-Plus 30cm Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 w/ FREE SHIPPING!

DC684123lgSakai does it again with his masterful sculpt of BioGoji (1989), the suit that faced off against Biollante and sparked Godzilla’s most iconic look to date. This 30cm vinyl is a must-own for any fan of the Heisei era.

Pre-Order now for only $199 w/ FREE SHIPPING and don’t pay a dime until he’s in stock!


Godzilla vs. Biollante 1989 Movie Godzilla SH MonsterArts Kou Kyou Kyoku Action Figure – Free Shipping!

BA07923lgThe first release in the SH MonsterArts Kou Kyou Kyoku series. It’s an all new approach to action figures, with superb posability, light (KOU), sound (KYOU), and music (KYOKU)! LEDs illuminate Godzilla’s mouth and fins. And a sound chip replicates three different roars, his radioactive breath, and the sound of his thundering footsteps. And that’s not all. It also includes two music selections: “Godzilla’s Theme,” and “Godzilla vs. the Tanks.” Figure stands nearly 8-inches tall!

Pre-Order now and don’t pay a dime until he’s in stock! $189.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING!


S.H. Monesterarts Biollante

This figure is kept in great condition and only taken out a few times. Available for only $225

UPDATE: Sold outgodzilla 049godzilla 051godzilla 050

Seller: jpzilla


Vinyl Wars M1GO Biollante Standard Vinyl! PRE-ORDER for $129.99!

DC467061RlgAnother great choice for a Vinyl Wars Reissue, an Exclusive M1 Biollante vinyl! Only 100 of this special-edition full sized 9″ figure are going to be made!

Get in a PRE-ORDER for $129.99 and don’t pay a dime until it’s in stock in August!


SOLD – S.H. MonsterArts Biollante – $400


Only opened once and never removed from box. This is the cheapest on the net and prices seem to be only climbing. Get it while you can!



M1GO Biollante Vinyl – $95 Shipped!

10984845_10203598773912994_786100629_nSeller: The Sensei


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