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X-Plus 30cm Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1991 w/ FREE SHIPPING!

DC684135lgGodzilla Vs King Ghidorah was released in 1991, and was the first film in Toho’s “new era” of films to feature a kaiju from the previous era – King Ghidorah. Godzilla’s evolution continues in this film, as the King of the Monsters continues to get bigger, bulkier, and more powerful. This 12-inch scale figure captures the massive size and intricate detailing of the Godzilla suit from the film.

Pre-Order NOW for $199 w/ FREE SHIPPING! You Don’t pay a dime until he’s in stock!


M1-GO Miss Namikawa – SOLD!!!

12735809_10205763996088226_1891889295_nOne of M1’s all time best, she’s yours for $180 shipped in the US – special KFM price! She is loose, so no bag, header, or extras – just the lady herself!


Seller: Jon D. B.

Paypal: Yes!


Diamond Godzilla vs King Ghidorah 1991 Vinyl Bust Bank!

DC72979lgThis has to be, hands down, the best vinyl bank Diamond has released. The sculpt is stellar and their gold paint app. is perfect Рreally a stand out amongst their offerings! This dynamic bust is yours for less than twenty bucks!

IN STOCK for only $19.99!


S.H. MonsterArts King Ghidorah – $350


Note: stock photo.

One wing has some issues (doesn’t move well) but is fully intact. One of the tail pieces pops off frequently but just as easily goes back on (just one of those MonsterArts things). Adult owned, only removed from box a couple of times.

Cheapest on the internet. Don’t miss out!


Paypal accepted.

S.H. Monsterarts Mecha King Ghidorah – FREE SHIPPING!

BA86405lgThis bad boy is going to be impressive, and is reportedly coming with new and improved joints after the SHMA Ghidorah fiasco!

PRE-ORDER for MAY via Entertainment Earth!

Only $199.99 with FREE SHIPPING!


Gigabrain Ghidorah and M1 Godzilla 1964!

10444361_1542235449361769_5162446070884041172_nThese two are priced to move! $300 for the Golden Gigabrain Ghidorah, and $50 for the M1GO MosuGoji – or $320 for the pair!

Seller: Vince E.


Paypal: Yes!


Original Bandai 8″ King Ghidorah – SOLD!!!

961636_10203703399174591_570706315_nThis is the original 8 inch series Bandai King Ghidorah! He’s going super cheap – $50 – because the front of one of his toes is damaged. He still displays excellently, and is a must have for any Bandai collector. Shipping is included in this price!

SOLD in less than 48 hours!!!