Godzilla 2003 Tokyo S.O.S. Mechagodzilla 12-Inch Vinyl Figure – Previews Exclusive – Free Shipping!

DCL51026lgEXCLUSIVE X-Plus Vinyl! This reissue will bring the highly sought after 2003 Kiryu w/ Battlepacks back into the collector’s market!

Tokyo is threatened by Godzilla in 2003’s Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. and it’s up to Mechagodzilla to save the day! Captured from the 2003 film, this 12-inch Mechagodzilla features amazing detail from his iconic weapons to his mechanical body.


X-Plus Kiryu Mechagodzilla 2003 Version 12-Inch Vinyl Figure – $174.99 with Free Shipping!

DC674240lgCreated by humanity to defend Japan against Godzilla’s depredations, Mechagodzilla has come back to battle the King of the Monsters for a third generation! Also known as Kiryu, this vinyl figure recreates Mechagodzilla as he appeared in 2003’s Godzilla S.O.S. and stands 12-inches tall.

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$174.99 with FREE SHIPPING!