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Marmit Giant Godzilla 1968 Vinyl – FREE SHIPPING!

DC7295lg.jpgThe King of the Monsters is here to invade your collection! This Godzilla Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Godzilla Sofubi Vinyl Figure features your favorite giant lizard standing 14-inches tall, ready to level the next miniature city in his way!

Order with us now for FREE SHIPPING and pay nothing until he’s in stock and ready to ship to you! $154.99!


Godzilla 1989 (vs Biollante) Marmit Medicom Exclusive – Only $61.99!

dc001871lgThe King of the Monsters appears as he did in his 1989 throwdown Godzilla vs. Biollante! Standing 9-inches tall, this Previews Exclusive Godzilla EX Biollante Version Sofubi Vinyl Figure looses none of his punches. This is a must have for any Godzilla collector!

Pre-Order with us now and pay nothing until it ships! Only $61.99!


M1-GO Miss Namikawa – SOLD!!!

12735809_10205763996088226_1891889295_nOne of M1’s all time best, she’s yours for $180 shipped in the US – special KFM price! She is loose, so no bag, header, or extras – just the lady herself!


Seller: Jon D. B.

Paypal: Yes!


Godzilla Vinyl Wars Marmit Megaton Hedora Sofubi EX2 Vinyl Figure – $289 with Free Shipping!

DC158575lgThe Godzilla Vinyl Wars EX series opens with this sofubi of the “Smog Monster,” which stands nearly 20-inches tall. He’s a new colorway version of Marmit’s original Megaton Hedorah – and he is one of the coolest vinyls to ever hit the market!

Pre-Order at No Charge! Don’t pay until he’s in stock! $289.99 with FREE SHIPPING!


Marmit Godzilla Vinyl Wars GMK All-Out Attack Godzilla – Pre-Order!

DC678817lgGodzilla: Vinyl Wars take on Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. The Godzilla Vinyl Wars GMK All-Out Attack Godzilla Sofubi Vinyl Figure will hold a place of high honor in your collection as an amazing repro of the original sought-after Marmit Monster Heaven GMKGoji sculpt!

PRE-ORDER at NO COST! Don’t pay until it’s in stock soon! $59.99!


Godzilla Destroyah Roaring Version Sofubi Vinyl Figure – $59.99!

DC534237lgA KFM & EE Exclusive!

This Godzilla Destroyah Roaring Version Sofubi Vinyl Figure – Previews Exclusive features the King of Monsters in a burning look from the 1995 film, Godzilla vs. Destroyah. Godzilla is in an angry mood, and is made in the classic Toho sofubi style from the Showa era.

Pre-Order Now and don’t pay until it’s in stock!


9″ Pulgasari Vinyl Figure from Marmit! (Gold Edition)

Pulgasari is one of the more obscure movie monsters that ever arrived in the kaiju scene.  Pulgasari is a Korean movie that was produced in 1985.  He reminds me a lot of King Caesar in a lot of ways, except with horns in place of ear like Caesar.  He very much resembles a Minotaur.  There is little to no wear on this figure, and he’s always been kept within a glass cabinet or case.  There were 2 versions of this figure.  The standard release and the gold edition.  Let me know if you have any other questions!

SOLD Asking – $84 (Free shipping within the US)
Username – SilentTiki
Email –
Paypal – AcceptedPulgasari-1 Pulgasari-2