About The KFM!

The Kaiju Fan Marketplace is a free to list, free to sell, free to buy organization housed by the Kaiju Fan Network at Skreeonk.com. The parent site, Skreeonk.com, specializes in Japanese collectibles news, as well as Kaiju Eiga movie reviews, Merchandise reviews, and general buzz of the fandom. For more information on the marketplace, please visit THIS PAGE.

Skreeonk.com and The Kaiju Fan Marketplace are owned and operated by Jon D. B. (Jon @ UnCanny). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jon at Jonatuncanny@gmail.com.

The KFM is nonprofit, and takes no earnings from the items sold by individual sellers on site. Buyers and sellers are responsible for all transactions off site – no transactions are to be made or discussed within this sites pages/domains/comments. Skreeonk.com and its affiliates are not responsible for any scams, lost goods, unpayed debts, etc. If any of these instances occurs – please contact Jon by email at jonatuncanny@gmail.com . 


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