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The Marketplace operates on a zero-tolerance, one-strike policy. If any mishaps/umpaid/unshipped item instances occur, these sellers are no longer able to list on the KFM. The result is a 100% up to date, completely trustworthy network of sellers on the Marketplace. Every single seller you see sends their items through me first, and are then listed. So, no worries! We’re all in the same fandom, and we’ve got your back. Check the Comments on this page below for direct feedback from our sellers and buyers! If you’ve listed, sold, or bought on the marketplace, please leave a comment and let us know how your experience was!

I’m ecstatic to contribute to our incredible fandom any way I can – and’s Kaiju Fan Marketplace has been by far my favorite outing yet. Here’s to many more happy sellers, customers, and spreading the love amongst us Kaiju Collectors! Cheers!

Jon @ UnCanny


You are doing a great service to the collectors out there Jon. I have both sold and bought items from your site.
Thank you.

-Greg C.

The marketplace is working out pretty awesomely so far; thanks for all your hard work, you sir are a true asset to the fandom.

-Captain Atikon

Thanks man, I’ll be using the marketplace again soon I’m sure. That was painfree compared to eBay, hell it was even easier than Craigslist.


I think this is a great idea. ( … ) I will definitely keep this site in mind. [] is also a great website for new releases (I believe Skreeonk was the first site to post photos of Gigabrain’s showa King Ghidorah).


Many thanks! I’ll be sure to let my friends know about this site as well. I mean, what an awesome idea! A kaiju marketplace made by fans, for fans. No fees to pay, everyone knows what a fair price is, and we dont need to worry about getting ripped off.


Thanks to the ever awesome site Skreeeeonk, I ordered a Bandai 6 inch Orga, only $50 as opposed to $86 on Ebay.


Seller was excellent, responded very quickly, and was very nice to talk with.

I look forward to doing future buisness with him again!

-Dillon Fisher


11 thoughts on “Fandom Feedback!

  1. My name is David, and I have sold several items in the new Marketpace. I think this is an amazing way for fellow collectors to buy and sell items without the trails and tribulations of eBay! I want to thank Jon for all of his hard work on this very well thought out, and professional site! I totally dig the Ultraman graphics too! In my opinion, this was long overdue, and a great addition to an already amazing fan site.

  2. I have had a great experience using the marketplace so far as both a seller and a buyer. I don’t often sell figures because of the hassle of using ebay or finding buyers through forums, but the marketplace made the whole process easy and enjoyable even for a casual seller like me. It’s also become the first place I go to look for figures to buy. Thanks Jon!

  3. Posted a few items on the marketplace and had offers in no time. Would definitely recommend if you have some merchandise you are looking to sell.

  4. I bought an awesome X-Plus Godzilla fom KaijuDave which arrived today in perfect condition. It was a great price and the whole transaction was very swift and professional. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend that all kaiju collectors check the Marketplace before buying elsewhere. Thanks KaijuDave!

  5. Hello,
    I need some help identifying some Japanese toy figures. Could anyone help me? Please email me! Thanks so much!

  6. Just got the M1 GO Alien Shadow!
    in the mail from the seller ( ToothAction ) Thanks so much ! Also thanks agein for this great site ! Maybe I am up to around 14 figures purchased here ! = HAPPYNESS !

  7. Jon,
    Thanks for this cool marketplace. I have sold a couple of items successfully and bought a few with never a problem either way. This is a wonderful resource!

    Robert Troch

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