Categories to Shop By!

Each listing is carefully evaluated and listed within categories that will make it easier for buyers like you to get to what you want! Below is a listing of popular shopping categories to get you started. Remember, you can always use the large category buttons to the right of the page and the Search feature to bring you directly to items as well! If you’re searching for a particular monster, say Anguirus for example, type his name in the search bar and all of our Anguirus merchandise will appear right before your eyes! Magical, we know.

Kaiju Fan Marketplace Categories to Shop By:










=========================The Big Three========================

Godzilla Series Merchandise

Gamera Series Merchandise

Ultraman Series Merchandise


======================Sought-After/Best Sellers=====================

X-Plus Large Statues and Figures

Kaiyodo Revoltech Highly Articulated Figures

Bandai S.H. Monsterarts Highly Articulated Figures

Bandai Standard 6″ and 8″ Figures

Bandai UltraMonsters

Bandai Memorial Boxes

Vintage Merchandise


Don’t forget, we are also home to one of the fandom’s most experienced sellers of Kaiju Vinyls – James’ Radioactive Toys!

Radioactive Toys Listings


If you have any suggestions for categories on this page, please let us know by leaving a comment on this page! Happy shopping!

Jon @ UnCanny


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