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9″ Pulgasari Vinyl Figure from Marmit! (Gold Edition)

Pulgasari is one of the more obscure movie monsters that ever arrived in the kaiju scene.  Pulgasari is a Korean movie that was produced in 1985.  He reminds me a lot of King Caesar in a lot of ways, except with horns in place of ear like Caesar.  He very much resembles a Minotaur.  There is little to no wear on this figure, and he’s always been kept within a glass cabinet or case.  There were 2 versions of this figure.  The standard release and the gold edition.  Let me know if you have any other questions!

SOLD Asking – $84 (Free shipping within the US)
Username – SilentTiki
Email –
Paypal – AcceptedPulgasari-1 Pulgasari-2


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